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Coder For VB 5 Developer License 3.0

Coder For VB 5 Developer License 3.0

Coder For VB 5 Developer License Publisher's Description

Coder For VB

Coder For VB is an add-in for Visual Basic 6.0 that provides tools to speedup the mundane parts of the development process, so you can concentrate on the more interesting parts. Coder For VB enables you to:

  • Quickly write standard code using customisable templates.
  • Quickly indent inherited code to meet your standards.
  • Add line numbers to your code to determine the exact location of problems and bugs.
  • Speedup the writing of code by automatically expanding keywords. This is fully customisable.

All of the tools are unobtrusive, and easy to use. Once you start using Coder For VB, you will quickly find that you coding without is so much more work.

Product Highlights Code Templates

We all hate writing the same code over and over again, and cut & paste doesn't help, because the procedure names and types change. Now Coder For VB can do that for you. You set up the templates the way you want (and Coder For VB ships with some defaults), and Coder For VB will insert them into you code, using the procedure names etc. of where you are inserting it. Never have to write the same code again!


This will clean up inherited code for you, by indenting it according to your settings. One click and you can re-indent the procedure, the module, or even the entire project.

Line Numbering

If you put the keyword Erl in your error traps, Visual Basic will tell you exactly where the error occurred - but this will only work if the line has a line number. But no one wants to write code with line numbers! Now you don't have to - write your error traps using Erl (or better still, get Coder For VB to write them for you), and then, when you are ready to compile, use the Line Numbering tool to add the line numbers for you, and optionally compile the application. Now you can find exactly where that error occurred, and fix it quickly and easily.

Keyword Expansion

Set up the keywords you want, and Coder For VB will automatically expand them as you type. Type Select, and Coder For VB will expand it to the full

    Select Case
        Case Else
    End Select

You specify the keywords you want, and you can control exactly where the cursor is after the expansion, allowing you to carry on typing. Once you get used to it you will never want to go back!

Other Tools

There are two other tools included in Coder For VB:

  • Close All Windows: this will close all open windows with one click.
  • Clear Immediate Window: this clears the immediate window.

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